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Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin. Often people are not aware that their routine practices may actually be hindering their quest for better skin. Use this information to get rid of old habits and, instead, take on new habits that promote healthy skin.

Cleaning the Face

People with dry skin should avoid scrubbing their face with soap in the morning. It is better to just rinse with water because water will clean the skin and still retain the skin’s moisturizing oils.

The Pill as a Culprit

Hormones in oral contraceptives make pigment cells sensitive to the sun. This results in brown blotches on the skin. Women on birth control pills should consider talking to their doctor about using a low-dose estrogen formula.

High levels of hormones during pregnancy are also a culprit in sun sensitivity. Whether the blame is targeting oral contraceptives or pregnancy, wearing sunscreen is a huge benefit in maintaining beautiful skin.

The Role of Sleep

Lack of sleep makes skin dull and dry and more prone to wrinkles. Taking a bath or warm shower before going to bed will invite a full night’s sleep. The warm water will raise the body’s temperature and release melatonin when the temperature begins to drop. Melatonin is a hormone that makes us sleepy.

For people with dry skin, the heat from the warm water can dry out the skin even more. Applying moisturizer before going to bed will counteract the effect of the heat on the skin.

The Pillowcase

It is hard to imagine that a comforting pillow could be the bad guy. However, with acne, that is exactly what happens. Pillowcases collect bacteria, skin oil, and dead skin cells. Throughout the night, all those are taken in by facial pores. Pillowcases need to be changed twice a week in order to prevent acne from being a barrier to healthy skin.

It may be difficult at first to avoid the common pitfalls that have become routine in skin care. However, the benefits of healthy, beautiful skin far outweigh any initial struggle to change old habits. At VKMD Institute for Medical Aesthetics, we are advocates for healthy skin!