December 30, 2023

Why VKMD is Colorado’s Leading Aesthetic School

Choosing the right esthetician school is a crucial step toward a thriving career in medical aesthetics. In the beauty education landscape of Southern Colorado, VKMD emerges as a unique and distinguished institution, setting itself apart from other esthetician schools in the region.    1.Physician Ownership:...


August 23, 2023

Navigating the Esthetician World: Marketing Slip-Ups to Avoid as a New Aesthetician Graduate.

 As you step into the realm of professional skincare and medical aesthetics, there are a few marketing miss-steps that most new grads fall into.  We see it time and time again and being aware of these common pitfalls can help you glide through your career...


August 22, 2023

Why your beauty/aesthetic school should provide field trips

Hey, future beauty professional! 🌟  It's time to talk about why beauty school field trips are more than just exciting outings and why your future beauty school should be providing them for the best possible hand on education experiences.   1. Skip the Boredom, Embrace...


April 06, 2022

Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin. Often people are not aware that their routine practices may actually be hindering their quest for better skin. Use this information to get rid of old habits and, instead, take on new habits that promote healthy skin. Cleaning the...


November 12, 2021

Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce Acne

For most people, acne is a mild inconvenience that lasts only a couple of years, but for others, it is a far more significant problem that has deep emotional side effects. Acne treatments like over-the-counter face scrubs often fail to work, and many sufferers choose...