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Navigating the Esthetician World: Marketing Slip-Ups to Avoid as a New Aesthetician Graduate.

 As you step into the realm of professional skincare and medical aesthetics, there are a few marketing miss-steps that most new grads fall into.  We see it time and time again and being aware of these common pitfalls can help you glide through your career journey with confidence and ease. The Colorado market for professional aestheticians is growing fast and there is plenty of room for everyone to thrive doing exactly what they love, you just need to tools to succeed.


The top 10 common mistakes we see newer aesthetician or beauty professionals make when building their own book of clients.



  • Ignoring your dream clients: You have the skills, you know you can help someone feels like a million bucks and produce results. But communicating on social media feels weird and salesy so you keep things vauge with the client. The lack of communication can come across as unprofessional or worse unconfident in your skills.


  • Have Fun: When you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. How can you make the mundane parts of your business feel like a vacation. Maybe creating vibey playlists or marketing your own skin care products. You are your own boss. You get to decide.


  • Don’t be afraid to sell: How is anyone going to know about what products and services you offer if you won’t talk about them. Most newer aestheticians think that 1 or 2 posts that you open for business and then your phone won’t stop ringing off the hook. Regardless, if you are working in a med spa, you know that treatments have better results when it is followed with at home care. Helping people achieve results is never an upsell.


  • Flaunting Your Expertise, Unapologetically: You’re not just anyone – you’re the guru of glow! Share your wisdom on skincare, beauty hacks, and what’s trending. This makes you the go-to source. Anytime you are transition in life or career it can be hard to step into your new authority without feeling a lilt bit of imposter syndrome. I get it there are plenty of people online that seems light years ahead of you in business, but that is just your mind preventing you from showing up as the professional you are. Remember to drop gems of wisdom and connect with your soul mate clients.


  • Burn Out: In a world where everything’s online, ghosting the internet or is a no-go. Setting up a website and automations can save you when you need a break. There is a compound effect that happens when you can stay consistent with your marketing. Have tools and resources in place for when you need a mental health break.


  • Leveling Up the Client Experience:  Clients who keep coming back for more, stay because of how you make them feel. This start before they even get into your room.  Pay attention to the small details that make your services stand out. If you aren’t sure what that is yet. Trade services with your colleagues, what special touches are they doing?


  • Lean Into Your Community: Adopt the reality that when others win, you win. Other beauty professionals are not your competition they can be your biggest supporters. You can grow your customer base by collaborating with other beauty professionals. Trade with others and shout from the roof top how good they did.


  •  Not Sleeping on Reviews and Testimonials: Reviews are like gold stars – they shine bright. Encourage your happy clients to leave ’em on platforms like Google and Yelp. Testimonials provide social proof and ease any fears potential clients might be feeling. It’s easy to take screen shots and share to socials  to deepening your authority in the industry.  Make sure you address the naysayers like a boss and show you’re all ears for improvement.


  • Never Stop Learning: Beauty’s always evolving, and so should you. Stay awake on the latest trends, treatments, and tech. The more you practice the more refined you become at your work. Find opportunities to grow and lean into the uncomfortable. We offer conning education and advanced classes to already licensed aestheticians. Check out our upcoming classes here: Advanced Classes Offered at VKMD Show the world you’re on top of your game.


  •  Metrics That Matter: When you are brand new to marketing you might be putting too much stock in attention to the wrong metrics, I call those vanity metrics. Adjust your strategy to reflect change in metrics like “reach” instead of “likes”.

VKMD Institute of Medical Aesthetics gives future professionals opportunities to practice building a sustainable business that will support them well after graduation. We give students practical real world beauty experience in both med spa settings and building their own loyal book of clients. Does your beauty school do that for you?