Tuition Cost Breakdown:

Full tuition cost, including all kits, supplies, materials, and fees: $12,749

  • Down payment: $1800 is non-refundable and includes all registration fees, admission fees, kits, supplies, and all learning materials. This is non-refundable and is due upon enrollment for the course. This down payment consists of the following:
    • Registration Fee: $100 (non-refundable)
    • Admission Fee: $50 (non-refundable)
    • Kits, supplies, learning materials: $1650 (non-refundable)
    • Tuition: $10,949

*We offer a cash/direct-pay discount of $1000, which will make the full tuition cost $11,749. Please call for details.

There is an additional 3% processing fee for any credit or debit card payments.

We offer in-house financing payment plans for those who are unable to pay in full, procure a privately funded student loan, or third-party lender. There is a $250 processing and servicing fee applied to each payment installment (not including the non-refundable $1800 down payment). The $1800 down payment is due upon enrollment for class with the following payment due upon commencement of the first day of class. If the payment made on the first day of class is the tuition amount in full $9949.00 then the $250 fee will not apply. After the first payment installment is made on the first day of class, the following payments must be made on the 1st day of the following consecutive months. Below is the breakdown of payment installment details:

  • Two payments of $4974.50+$250=$5224.50
  • Three payments of $3316.33+$250=$3566.33
  • Four payments of $2487.25+$250=$2737.25
  • Five payments of $1989.80+$250=$2239.80

All tuition payments must be complete before the student begins Baby Boards and by the first day of the month upon graduation, prior to the completion of 600 hours. The student will not receive their Certificate of Completion unless all tuition has been paid.

*Late fees will apply to late payments made after the 3rd day of the month.


Other Payment Plans Available:

0% Interest Financing May Be Available at your local Bank or Credit Union so please visit with their loan officers to get detailed information. We suggest starting with your own personal banking institution as they likely will have something to fit your needs as a current client of their institution. Because banking institutions do not partner with any schools for their private student loans, they require that you visit their loan officers in person to go over your options. All banking institutions have private student loan options available, so we highly recommend that you explore this option first.

Leading banks, including Chase and CITI, often offer credit cards with 0% interest that can be used to pay tuition fees as well.

We have partnered with Climb Credit as a third-party lender for easy low monthly payments. Terms and conditions will vary per person and is dependent on your credit score. Please click this link to apply: Climb Credit

VKMD is not a title IV school. Therefore, we cannot offer financial aid or accept student FASFA loans or Pell Grants.

We do NOT accept GI benefits or Veterans Assistance due to the burdens set forth by the Veteran’s Administration on small businesses.

*Please note that our school is not affiliated with any of these financing methods, and we do not receive compensation if you apply; these are purely recommendations for options to pay for your tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

VKMD is a private occupational school and does not participate in any government backed Title IV financial aid programs including FAFSA, Pell or VA benefits. We encourage students to seek private student loan options through the personal banking institutions or other local institutions, as they all have various student loan options available to choose from. Since banking institutions do not partner with any specific occupational schools, they encourage students meet in person with their loan officers to explore all their options, which are many. You can also visit for our third-party financing partner Climb Credit.

Yes, a couple of renowned banks are currently providing 0% interest credit cards that can be utilized for your tuition. If you’re already a cardholder, you should be able to apply with ease. Once your card arrives, contact us and we’ll process your tuition on the card, leaving you with the flexibility to arrange your repayments. Remember, VKMD Medical Aesthetics is not affiliated with these financing options. Both Chase Bank and CITI Bank offer such cards as far as we know. All credit card payments are charged an additional 3% processing fee, so please keep this in mind if this is the preferred method of payment.

Yes, Climb Credit, a modern student lending company, offers loans for educational programs aimed at enhancing careers. Loan approvals are based on FICO scores and aren’t guaranteed. We also encourage you to visit your local banking institution for the best interest rates, terms, and conditions to start with. You can apply directly at

Absolutely. You can use cash for an initial down payment and then utilize either a 0% interest credit card or a Climb Loan to cover the remaining tuition. You can combine as many methods as you would like to complete full tuition payment, whether it be cash, check, credit card, or third-party financing.

After your initial non-refundable $1800 down payment is made upon enrollment, you may then make monthly installment payments in the following fashion:

    Two payments of $4974.50+$250=$5224.50

    Three payments of $3316.33+$250=$3566.33

    Four payments of $2487.25+$250=$2737.25

    Five payments of $1989.80+$250=$2239.80

*For all installment payment plans, tuition must be paid in full prior to the start of baby boards, and before given Certificate of Completion.

In order to graduate from a this program, students must complete the required 600 hours/ 20 credits, pass written and practical examinations and satisfy all financial obligations to the school. Upon graduation, a record of completion will be awarded. Certification of hours will not be provided until all tuition charges have been paid in full.