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Our Mission

At VKMD Institute of Medical Aesthetics, our mission is to elevate the overall esthetics education experience. We take our students above the current standard by providing exceptional instruction of modern esthetics, both in theory and hands-on practical skills. In addition, our students will gain daily operational experience of a working spa environment, thus enabling them to build clientele, build business, and improve consultative skills. Our graduates will receive the most comprehensive training to pass their state board exams with success. We strive to create an environment of empowerment and inspiration to all of our students as we create a VKMD family of superstars!


A VKMD education fosters a mindset of innovation and forward-thinking. It entails encouraging students to explore new possibilities, develop creative solutions, and anticipate emerging trends in the field. Our visionary approach helps students envision the future of medical aesthetics and empowers them to make a meaningful impact through cutting-edge techniques and treatments.


Knowledge is the foundation of a successful aesthetics career. A VKMD education encompasses a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, histology, and the latest advancements in the field. Our school emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge through comprehensive coursework, hands-on training, and a "practice makes progress not perfection" philosophy. By instilling a thirst for knowledge, students are equipped with the expertise needed to provide safe and effective treatments to their clients.


Mastery refers to the attainment of exceptional skills and expertise in the practice of medical aesthetics. VKMD instills into our future professionals a combination of theoretical knowledge, technical proficiency, and a refined sense of artistry. Through rigorous training, practice, and mentorship at our sister company, Springs Body Sculpting, students develop the precision, dexterity, and attention to detail necessary for performing advanced skincare procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments in a real life environment. (Visit today!)


Distinction, in the context of a medical esthetics school, refers to setting oneself apart and standing out from others in the industry and entails going above and beyond the standard expectations to achieve excellence and recognition. We embolden our future professionals to strive for distinction, and to demonstrate exceptional skills, professionalism, ethical practices, and a commitment to delivering outstanding patient care.


General Esthetics: Start your Future

Begin your journey towards a successful long-term career in the industry with the foundational general esthetics 600 hour course. VKMD Institute of Medical Aesthetics offers the most complete and comprehensive training program in Colorado, diving deep into the topics above and beyond the norm. Our exciting Colorado-certified 600-hour general esthetics program teaches the detailed foundations and fundamentals of skin histology, waxing and hair removal, makeup and lashes, sanitation, business development, marketing tools, and everything you need to become the licensed esthetician you deserve to be!

Springs Body

Advanced Courses: Elevate Your Future

Master your skill set and expand your knowledge far beyond the basics by exploring what we have to offer from the most experienced professionals in the industry. We offer the highest-of-quality advanced education including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, advanced exfoliation, eyelash extensions, microneedling, just to name a few.

Currently Enrolling

August 2024



Esthetician Class Full Time – Starts August 26th, 2024

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Esthetician Class Part Time (Evening) – Starts September 30th, 2024

November 2024



Esthetician Class Full Time – Starts November 4th, 2024

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