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Why VKMD is Colorado’s Leading Aesthetic School

Choosing the right esthetician school is a crucial step toward a thriving career in medical aesthetics. In the beauty education landscape of Southern Colorado, VKMD emerges as a unique and distinguished institution, setting itself apart from other esthetician schools in the region. 


1.Physician Ownership: A Commitment to Excellence:At the core of VKMD’s distinction is its status as a physician-owned institution. This unique ownership model underscores a commitment to excellence and ensures that students receive education and training that aligns with the highest industry standards for Med Spa training. The involvement of physicians brings a depth of knowledge and expertise that sets VKMD apart from other esthetician schools.


2. Local Med Spa Partnerships for Comprehensive Hands-On Training:VKMD goes beyond traditional classroom learning by forging partnerships with local med spas. This collaboration allows students to benefit from hands-on training in real-world settings. By gaining practical experience within established medical aesthetics practices, VKMD students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the industry.

3. Field Trip Opportunities to Explore Career Paths:VKMD recognizes the importance of networking and exploring specific career paths within the field of medical aesthetics. To facilitate this, the school provides students with unique field trip opportunities. These excursions allow students to connect with professionals, expand their network, and gain insights into various career possibilities available to licensed estheticians.


4. Small Class Sizes for Personalized Learning:One of the distinctive features of VKMD is its commitment to maintaining small class sizes. This intentional choice fosters a personalized and interactive learning environment. Students benefit from individualized attention, fostering a more thorough understanding of the curriculum and creating an atmosphere where questions and discussions are actively encouraged.


5. Offers Advanced Classes All in One Location:VKMD recognizes that a well-rounded education in medical aesthetics involves mastering a range of advanced techniques. That’s why VKMD goes beyond traditional curriculum by offering advanced classes such as chemical peel, Microderm, and derma planing—all conveniently available in one location. This comprehensive approach ensures that students graduate not only with a solid foundation but also with advanced skills that make them stand out in the competitive field of medical aesthetics.