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Why your beauty/aesthetic school should provide field trips

Hey, future beauty professional! 🌟  It’s time to talk about why beauty school field trips are more than just exciting outings and why your future beauty school should be providing them for the best possible hand on education experiences.


1. Skip the Boredom, Embrace the Action: Say goodbye to those endless textbook chapters that make your eyelids droop. Field trips take you beyond the mundane and straight into the action. Imagine witnessing actual treatments, from rejuvenating facials to cutting-edge skincare procedures, in live, jaw-dropping action. We believe in diversifying the learning to give VKMD students an edge in the industry.


2. Upgrade Your People Skills: Ever wondered how the pros strike up conversations that dazzle clients? Field trips offer front-row seats to watch beauty maestros work their magic on clients. You’ll pick up communication tricks and learn how to make a lasting impression, building a loyal book of business you can rely on.


3. Squad Goals: Networking Like a Pro: Picture this: you, rubbing elbows with cool dermatologists, innovative surgeons, and beauty gurus. These field trips aren’t just about observing – they’re a potential gateway to forming connections that could shape your future. Beauty School field trips offer you the opportunity to make connections and various med spa and medical offices that can further your beauty career.


4. Navigate the Beauty Maze with Ease: Many students get lost in the maze of beauty career choices? Field trips help you decode the beauty realm, revealing which gig aligns perfectly with your passions. Whether it’s makeup artistry, skincare wizardry, or plastic surgery enchantment, you’ll get a taste of it all and discover your ultimate path.


5. Dive into Hands-On Hype: Who needs textbooks when you can roll up your sleeves (well, sort of) and dive into supervised tasks? Field trips offer you the chance to practice your craft under expert guidance. You’ll feel like a pro-in-training, building the confidence and skills you need to make waves in the industry.


6. Confidence Boost: Mastering hands-on skills like facials, waxing and more isn’t just about technique – it’s about gaining the confidence to wow your clients and be seen as a professional. Field trips encourage confidence in post aesthetics grads.


7. Uncover Trendy Insights:  Field trips are your backstage pass to insider beauty info. Experience firsthand the coolest innovations and trends that are shaping the industry.


8. Level-Up Your Journey: Becoming the Beauty Expert: Your journey to becoming the beauty expert you were born to be just got a major boost. Field trips supercharge your path, equipping you with real-world experience that sets you miles ahead of the competition.


As a VKMD student med spa field trips are your ticket to feeling confident as a new grad emerging into your career. It’s not just about learning; it’s about embracing medical aesthetics with your unique flair. From networking with pros,  to honing your skills, field trips are your gateway to becoming the beauty professional you’re destined to be.  VKMD provides student with multiple opportunities to get out of the classroom and experience possible career paths. 💄👑✨



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