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Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce Acne

For most people, acne is a mild inconvenience that lasts only a couple of years, but for others, it is a far more significant problem that has deep emotional side effects. Acne treatments like over-the-counter face scrubs often fail to work, and many sufferers choose to avoid them because of the harsh chemicals they contain. Fortunately, there are several easy lifestyle changes you can make that have been shown to reduce the spread and severity of the condition.  These are basic routines that you can implement in your daily routine that will help!

Wash Clothes and Bedding Regularly 

Infectious strains of bacteria are a significant cause of acne. Many people do not realize that the fabric they come into contact with can become a breeding ground for these strains. If you use the same towel, face cloth, clothing, or bedding too often before you wash it, you may be reapplying harmful germs to your skin.

Wear Breathable Fabric 

Clogged pores are the main cause of blackheads and white heads. Synthetic fibers can make them much worse by trapping in sweat and oil. Some of the worst fabrics, such as are nylon and polyester, are being used more and more frequently by clothing manufacturers. Sportswear is particularly problematic because it is usually made from synthetic material and worn at a time when you are very likely to sweat.

To avoid unnecessarily trapping in sweat, choose loose-fitting, breathable cotton clothing. If you have to wear a synthetic uniform, wear a cotton t-shirt underneath. When it comes to bedding, 100% cotton sheets with a low thread count work best.

Avoid Over Washing Your Skin 

Some acne sufferers think that regularly washing their face is the best way to remove excess oil, but this is not the case. Washing too often can irritate your skin and worsen your acne. Using a gentle cleanser twice a day is enough to wash away dead skin cells and sebum.

Get Your Beauty Sleep  

The phrase ‘beauty sleep’ has a lot of truth to it. Your skin heals most efficiently while you sleep, and inflammation and minor scars can be reduced dramatically overnight. To give your skin enough time to rejuvenate, you should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Your body is most effective at healing when it has adjusted to a regular routine, so try to go to bed at a similar time every evening.

These lifestyle changes are easy to implement and can mean long term relief from acne. However, genetic, hormonal, and dietary factors all play a part, so for some sufferers the changes may not be enough. If you are struggling to cope with your acne, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about the wide range of natural and medicinal treatments that are available. VKMD Institute of Medical Aesthetics uses an amazing, medical-grade skin care line that will do WONDERS for your skin.