Chemical Peels: 3 days: 24 hours total: Sat/Sun/Mon June 3/4/5

Chemical peels course objectives: To provide licensed estheticians the knowledge and technique necessary to safely perform chemical peel applications to a variety of skin types. Students should come away from this class with an understanding of how different chemical peels affect the skin, benefits and effects of chemical peels, rules/regulations, and client care during and after a chemical peel.

Course length is a total of 24 hours divided up into three 8 hour days. During this time, students will receive both theory and hands-on learning.

Breakdown of instruction by day:

  • Day 1 – Theory in the classroom which will include powerpoint
    presentations, instructional materials, and group discussions
    4 hrs: Contraindications to chemical peels, skin analysis, various skin conditions, chemical peel ingredients
    4 hrs: Rules and regulations regarding chemical peels, chemical resurfacing ingredients
    2 hrs: Treatment instructions, and possible reactions

  • Day 2 – Skills lab including live demonstrations, student practice, and question and answer session
    4 hrs: Chemical peel contraindications, skin conditions, skin analysis, and aftercare.

    4 hrs: Rules and regulations regarding chemical peels, chemical resurfacing ingredients

  • Day 3 – Skills lab continued allowing for additional live demonstrations, practice, and question/answer sessions.

  • Total theory hours: 10
  • Total lab hours: 14
  • Total course hours: 24

Equipment used for instruction includes:

  • Spa resources including contents of treatment rooms, peel supplies (gauze, bowls, brushes), treatment beds, linens, cleaning/disinfecting supplies.
  • Chemical peel brands to be used include SkinBetter science, FaceReality, Image, Sanitas, and Dermodality.
  • Classroom(s), tables, chairs, projectors/screens, computers

Resources for instruction include:

  • Manufacturer specific information/use recommendations
  • Board of Barbers and Cosmetologist rules and regulations
  • Commonly available industry information regarding chemical peel procedure.

Tuition & Fees