Chemicals Peels and Advance Exfoliation- Ongoing classes begin August 28th

Come join us for our advanced chemical peels and advanced exfoliation course. This is a three day course (8 hours each day) in which you will learn and become certified to conduct chemical peels and advance exfoliation services for your clients.  Be sure to line up at least four models for this course, you will have two models on day two, and two models on day three (you can be your own model). Contact us today to sign up! 

* Advanced Exfoliation Classes (such as chemical peel, microdermabrasion, dermaplane) will be offered on a monthly basis due to popular demand and our desire to keep classes small for higher-quality hands-on training.


Tuition & Fees

Chemical Peels and Advance Exfoliation Course


Non-Refundable Registation Fee
Course Material, Education and Certification


Our chemical peels advanced exfoliation course is an in-depth hands-on learning experience, using the most updated and thorough materials and products for the highest quality education. 

Our 3-day course will cover the different types of chemical peels (including but not limited to alpha hydroxy & beta hydroxy acids, TCA, Jessner and retinol formulas) along with their purposes and functions. Our esthetician students will be set up for success with a strong foundational understanding of chemical peels and advanced exfoliation techniques.


Your training will ensure your knowledge and benefits of:

  • Controlling acne and over-productive sebaceous glands
  • Correcting pigment problems such as melasma, sun damage, causes of aging and hormones, etc.
  • Smoothing fine lines and surface wrinkles
  • Resurfacing rough and try skin texture


Breakdown of Coursework:

– 8 hours of theory, including but not limited to: skin analysis, conditions, contraindications, reactions, pre-and-post care, product ingredients, exfoliating substances and acids, enzymes, and medical history

-16 hours of hands-on chemical peel treatment procedures with various treatment models


Pricing Information:

*Please call for pricing as we offer bundle discounts when more than one advanced course is purchased at a time

Registration Fee: $50 (non-refundable)

Supplies/kit Materials: None